What patients have to say after treatment by Dr. Gandell with the MonaLisa Touch laser:

"I am delighted with my decision to try the MonaLisa Touch!  The procedure is quick and painless, there are no side effects (such as you might experience with estrogen therapy), and the results are amazing.  After only one treatment the intense burning I experienced for years was very dramatically reduced. By the time the full course of treatment was complete, I felt like a new (and younger) woman.  I'm so glad I made this investment in my health and well-being -- it was worth every penny!"   Patrice S.

"My experience with the Mona Lisa Touch procedures administered by Dr. David Gandell was extremely positive. At my annual exam last summer, Dr. Gandell shared with me the news of this exciting new technology and that he was planning to offer it to his patients and others who qualified.  I am a breast cancer survivor, who for years has used estrogen therapy. He was aware that I was somewhat fearful of the dangers of my having a recurrence due to the estrogen factor. He felt that I would be an ideal candidate, and fully explained the process. I happily agreed to go ahead, with the full support of my husband.   Unlike with surgery, these treatments require no preparation, no general anesthesia, no pain and no recovery. They are quick, painless and produce amazing results. I have my life back again, without having to continue with dangerous hormones.   I would recommend, without reservation, that any woman who is experiencing vaginal pain and dryness accompanying menopause, should seriously consider these treatments! Time is of the essence, and this REALLY works!"  Mary Ellen K.

“MonaLisa Touch took me from desert dry to moist with the first treatment. I highly recommend it.”    Monica J.

I just wanted to take a minute to share my experience.  I have lichen sclerosis, which is a condition that can be treated on some level but cannot be cured.  For me, the worst symptom I experienced was having my skin break and tear during intercourse.  The only treatment available is a topical steroid cream that can make symptoms more manageable, but not eliminate them.  When I met with Dr. Gandell and asked if there was another option, he recommended the MonaLisa treamtent.  I had a dramatic improvement within weeks of my first treatment.  I only had to use the cream twice in 6 weeks rather than 2-3 times a week.  I just had my second treatment and if the progress continues, we may have found a cure!  Valerie R.